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w.o.d.welder 3 Step Hand Care Kit

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Welcome to w.o.d.welder, the home of hand-repairing skincare for athletes.

We’re passionate about helping your calluses so that you can get the best workout possible. Speaking from personal experience, we know that sore hands and torn skin can be a real hindrance to progress; our aim is to eliminate this problem with specialized hand care for athletes.

Torn Hands – that’s how we got started.

We started w.o.d.welder as a result of being fed up with our own torn hands. Every time after an intense few days of workouts, our hands were torn to pieces, which made us frustrated and prevented us from completing our workouts. In an effort to try and fix our ripped hands, we sampled a traditional salve from a local company. Once we realized that our skin was mending overnight, we asked them to work on a custom version specifically for athletes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to browse our products – we really hope they can help you push on with your workouts no matter how hard you work. Hand injuries can start to become a thing of the past as we begin to make your fitness routines more enjoyable and safe.

We are athletes through and through; heart and mind. We work hard every day to make our hand repair cream and skin products better and stronger (like we do our muscles too!) and filter this philosophy into our company and hand repair products.

– The w.o.d.welder Crew




We’re all about athlete skincare here and each one of our products reflects our dedication to helping your skin heal. Browse through w.o.d.welder’s innovative and unique hand repair products to find your savior. Our aim is to bring your skin back to health every time, no matter how hard you work out or for how long. Shop now!

Hand Care Kits Solid Salve Stick Hands as Rx Cream Pumice Stone Callus Shaver Member Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild Gluten Free Not Animal Tested


When you’ve been working hard pumping that iron, sweat is inevitable.

A successful workout is always one that’s dripping wet although the odor left behind is somewhat undesirable.

If you’re looking to eliminate that post gym odor, we have the perfect B.O buster for you in our essential range of odor removal, eliminator sprays and natural soap bars.

Odor Crushers Natural Soaps Portable Cleansing Shower Wipes We Formulate our products with natural ingredients including essential oils, shea butter, and coconut oil

Odor Crushers Sacks

DQ the stink with our Odor Crusher Sacks!

Gym Bag & Gym Shoes Life Savers! 

Pop these guys anywhere you want to freshen up.
Natural corn based filler absorbs moisture & extracts odors.

Peppermint & Eucalyptus essential Oils Natural Antibacterial & Antifungal Action Set of 3 sacks



Step #1: Solid Salve for keeping calluses hydrated Step #2: Maintain your calluses. Use included pumice stone to keep your calluses smooth and low. Step #3: Hands as Rx daily cream for keeping hands smooth, supple and rip-free. Hand Care KIT Contains: 1 oz push up tube Solid Salve  2 oz jar Hands as Rx Cream Natural Pumice Stone

Natural Bar Soap–Peppermint/Eucalyptus

Lather Up and Speed Recovery with our GREATSmelling Soap Bar.

Made with Natural Ingredients

Coconut Oil: Antifugal & Antibacterial Olive Oil: Keeps skin hydrated & supple Ground Comfrey Root : Anti-Inflammatory & Cell Regenerating properties Shea Butter: Helps Fix & Restore Skin Aged for 28 days to produce a balanced, long lasting bar. Made with food grade oils Free from dyes, additives, chemicals or synthetics Gluten free Contains no phthalates or parabens Not tested on animals

Salve for repairing damaged skin.
Cream for replenishing moisture lost during activity.
Pumice stone to sand down calluses on feet and hands.
All natural, sourced responsibly.

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