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Temple Tape Headbands for Men and

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Temple Tape Sweatbands

Working out is a global phenomenon that’ll never go out of style
We all like to get our fitness in our daily schedules, and we all want to look good doing it. Having sweat dripping into our hair and eyes definitely is not trending right now.

With the Temple Tape sweatband, we promise you that you can work out without worrying about your hair or sweat getting in your face.
Our moisture-wicking technology is 8x more effective than an ordinary cotton sweatband, so it’ll last you all workout without feeling soaked.
The specially blended material dries faster than regular sweatbands, so all you need to instantly dry the Temple Tape is ring it out and its good as new!
The Temple Tape Headbands are suitable for pretty much any activity; from an intense session of Pilates or an hour long Spinning class, to biking or taking a long hike on a sunny day.

Gift your active loved ones on holidays such as Christmas and Channukah with Temple Tapes seamless sweatbands to wear when they’re playing sports like basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer and more! You can even use it to keep you cool under your cap, wig, turban, or any sort of helmet you may wear. Temple Tapes quick drying technology is also great to wear to the gym for your exercise and cardio classes like Zumba, Dance, Aerobics, Barre, pilates, PiYo, and any other class that makes sweat drip down your forehead.

Many color options Available
UNISEX: Perfect for Male or Female

Unisex one size fits all All grip no slip Dries 8x faster

Good Fit Snug Tight

Actively Wicks Moisture Away

Fits Snug and Doesn't slip

Dries Fast

Designed For Intense Sweating – Marathon Tested!

Great for any activity From Gardening to HIIT, Tabata Cross Training & more!

Absorbs & Evaporates Sweat 8 times Faster than an average Cotton Sweatband.

Specially Blended Materials provide All Grip, and No Slip. The Sweatband stays comfortably on your head during the entire workout activity so you can focus on whatever you’re doing – Not worrying that your headband will slip.
Perfect to be worn on their own or under other hats, helmets, and visors.
Great indoors and Outdoors.
Run Mile after Mile, Wear with or without additional headgear. Our Non slip Sweatbands will wick moisture in any condition, Day or Night, Hot summer heat or Cold winter days. The sweat will stay out of your way!

Actively Wicks Moisture Away

Keeps Sweat from going in to your Eyes!

Spandex alone is not enough to wick moisture. Temple Tape Sweatbands were designed and manufactured using a special blend of 3 types of Moisture Wicking Fabrics that not only holds sweat, but also actively draws off the moisture. These are the high performance Sweatbands that you were dreaming of!

Fits Snug and Doesn’t Slip!

No Sweatband Headaches!

We used the highest quality spandex imported exclusively from Taiwan to make sure the headband stays in place and does not get worn out.
The ribbed back of the Temple Tape Sweatband gives it an all grip no slip technology, assuring that the sweatband stays on your head without it being too tight, and thus preventing a headache.
Throw away your old Terrycloth Sweatbands, be BOLD and wrap yourself in a Temple Tape!

Great for any Sport or Activity

Light Weight, Dries Fast & Retains Shape

When Running a marathon, riding a bike, doing Yoga, Cross Training, practicing MMA, working out or playing sports YOU WILL SWEAT A LOT.

We made sure Temple Tape Sweatbands can be rung out when full, and become almost completely dry (our sweat bands dry 8x faster than cotton) and ready for more without loosing shape or size in just a few seconds.

If you were looking for a Sweatband that can keep up with the intensity of your workout, look no further the Temple Tape has arrived!

Fits Under All Headgear

Super Slim design adds no Bulk!

The Temple Tape Sweatband will keep you Dry and fresh underneath all your day-to-day gear. Whether it be a baseball cap, hard hat, helmet, or your mascot head,

Temple Tape sweatbands are here to keep you dry! Temple Tape sweatbands come in 9 different colors that can match and blend with almost anything you put over it. They keep the sweat out of your eyes and leave you with cleaner headgear at the end of the day.

Temple Tape sweatbands are ultra-absorbent and have a fast drying technology that dries 8X faster than your average cotton headband. They will keep you cool throughout the day and assure maximum comfort in all activities from keeping your hair back while relaxing at home to playing ball to doing intense training at the gym.


Supporting others quickly became the foundation on which Temple Tape was built

Boxing is love

Falcons football

Student Debt Destroyer

Boxing is Love Liberia, Africa

Boxing is Love wants to establish a global network of individuals that share in the belief that boxing can and will create positive change. Temple Tape partnered with Boxing Is Love to help rehabilitate the Liberian youth teaching discipline through sport.

Our Champs!

After the devastating loss of one of their biggest fans, Temple Tape teamed up with the Lake County Falcons to honor her legacy.

The boys paid tribute to the fallen with our our signature headgear, sending shock waves from our headquarters in NY to their home base of Tennessee.


Student Debt Destroyer

Temple Tape teamed up with well known influencer Spencer Vibes (Taylor) to bring awareness to the growing student debt problem. Traveling the country from CA-NY & leaving no stone unturned together we are determined to put an end to student debt.

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Available in:

Supreme & Elite

7 Colors


4 Colors


Cross training

Spinning/Bike riding




All Seasons


Temple Tape

Two temple tape sweatbands per order (1-black, 1-od green) – unisex, one size fits most – 4 inch wide band
Stretchy, breathable material, absorbs and evaporates sweat 8 times faster than an average cotton sweatband
Super slim and lightweight (weighs les than half an ounce) | perfect to be worn on their own or under hats, helmets, and visors | stretchy, breathable material, allows the temple tape to fit virtually every head size and shape
Specially blended materials provide all grip, and no slip | the sweatband stays comfortably on your head during the entire workout so you can focus on whatever you’re doing – not worrying that your headband will slip
Great indoors and outdoors, they will keep ears warm during the cold or wick sweat away during warmer climates

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